Lifestyle Management

Nowadays, cultural changes and the evolution of our personal and professional lifestyles lead us to integrate them.

Taanah helps you to find the right balance between your family and professional life.

Taanah provides tailor-made solutions to meet your individual needs. A brief selection of our personal lifestyle services include:

Auto Services
Laundry/Dry Services
Prescription Drop-off/Pick-up
Bank/Post office Services
Bills Payment
Bring food and water
Escort to the Vet
Escort to the Groomer
Pet Sitting
Restaurant Reservations
Tickets (concert, cinema, sport, etc.)
Personal Assistant
Schedule Management
Bureautic Tasks
Administrative Procedures
Holidays Scheduling
Reminder Services
Housekeeping Staff
Wellness & Health
Beauty and Health Reservations (Spa, Hairdresser, Nail Salon, etc.)
Nutrition Specialist
Personal Trainer